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White Butte, North Dakota
Elevation: 3,506 feet
Mileage: 2.0 miles
Vertical Gain: 400 feet
Route: Standard

April 11, 2003

White Butte is the highest point in North Dakota located just outside of Amidon. From the intersection of Main St. and Hwy 85 in Amidon, head east for 2.0 miles and turn right onto a gravel road for 5 miles. Then turn right on another gravel road for 1 mile and stop and ask the property owners for permission to cross their property. A $20 donation is required and if the property owners are not home, just leave your donation in the old truck in the driveway. NOTE: About 1 mile outside of Amidon there is a sign pointing out White Butte with an arrow, this doesn't mean to take the next right turn at the cemetery. We made this mistake and followed a 2-track road for 5 miles, it goes to the right place but the road is much worse and the property owners probably don't appreciate the use of this road. Just make sure you go 2 miles from the intersection in Amidon.

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