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59 Colorado 14ers completed!!!
In August 2005 I completed all the 14ers in Colorado with a successful climb of Mt. Wilson and El Diente. The trip reports below document my journey that took me to all 4 corners of Colorado and in all 4 seasons. You'll find summit panoramas, photos of along the trail, winter climbs, and spring snow climbs. Watch the movie to the left to journey with me on my quest to complete Colorado's fabled 14ers. I have a Spotlight Interview over on about completing the Colorado 14ers. CLICK HERE to read the interview.

Colorado has 53, 54, or 55 peaks rising over 14,000 feet depending on what list you follow and what criteria you use to qualify a sub-peak from its higher parent peak. If you follow the rule that a peak must rise 300 feet above any connecting saddle it shares with any other peak you get 53 14ers with Challenger Point making the list. However the Colorado Mountain Club uses a list of 54 peaks that omits Challenger Point but includes El Diente and North Maroon on some subjective criteria including the peak's stature and history. In addition to the CMC's list of 54 14ers, there are 5 additional "unofficial 14ers" that include Challenger Point, North Massive, Mt. Cameron, North Eolus and Conundrum Peak. I just decided to climb all 59 since the Grand Slam on consists of the 54 14ers on the CMC list as well as the 5 unofficial 14ers. This page lists all of the Colorado 14ers according to the Mountain Range they belong to, listed by elevation. The Sawatch Range has the most 14ers with 15, and the 3 highest 14ers in Colorado. The Elk Range, notorious for its loose rock, has many of the most difficult 14ers. Each range has a unique character, and once you spend some time in all of them, it is hard to pick a favorite. My personal favorites would have to be the San Juans and the Sangre De Cristos. Just click on a 14er name to see my trip report. The number by the peak indicates how many times I've climbed that mountain, usually by a different route or in a different season.

Sawatch Range Front Range San Juan Range
Mt. Elbert (3) Grays Peak (5) Uncompahgre Peak (2)
Mt. Massive (2)
North Massive *
Torreys Peak (5) Mt. Wilson
Mt. Harvard Mt. Evans (2) El Diente Peak
La Plata Peak (2) Longs Peak (2) Mt. Sneffels (2)
Mt. Antero (2) Pikes Peak Mt. Eolus (2)
North Eolus*
Mt. Shavano (3) Mt. Bierstadt (4) Windom Peak (2)
Mt. Belford (2) Sunlight Peak (2)
Mt. Princeton (2) Tenmile-Mosquito Range Handies Peak (2)
Mt Yale (2) Quandary Peak (4) Redcloud Peak
Tabeguache Peak Mt. Lincoln (4) Wilson Peak (2)
Mt. Oxford (2) Mt. Cameron* (4) Wetterhorn Peak (4)
Mt. Columbia Mt. Bross (3) San Luis Peak
Missouri Mountain Mt. Democrat (4) Sunshine Peak
Mt. of the Holy Cross Mt. Sherman (2)
Huron Peak
Sangre De Cristo Range Elk Range
Blanca Peak Castle Peak
Crestone Peak Maroon Peak
Crestone Needle (2) Capitol Peak (2)
Kit Carson Peak Snowmass Mountain
Challenger Point* Conundrum Peak*
Humboldt Peak (2) Pyramid Peak (2)
Culebra Peak North Maroon
Ellingwood Point (2)
Mt. Lindsey (2)
Little Bear Peak

* Denotes "unofficial" 14er.

"There is a state of mind that sometimes infests climbers in which the end result achieves a significance beyond anything that the future may hold. For a few minutes or hours one cast asides all that has been previously held as worth living for, and focuses on one risky move or stretch of ground that becomes the only thing that has ever mattered. This state of mind is what is both fantastic and reckless about the game. Since everything is at stake in these moments, one had better be sure to recognize them and have no illusions about what lies on the other side of luck."

Greg Child

14ers by Range Rex's Colorado 14er Map Routes and Mileages